Acknowledgements & Credits

We wish to acknowledge the following, for their most helpful assistance

Judith Curthoys. The Governing Body of Christ Church College, Oxford.
Lorna Cahill. Archive Research. Royal Botanic Gardens. Kew.
Craig Brough. Archive Research. Royal Botanic Gardens. Kew.

Mr Jean Vaupres. Book colleague, for pointing out the significance of the find.
Gregor Murbach, without whom none of this would be known.
Charles Wheadon. Lyme Regis. For the digitization of the collection.
Luke Lawson. Lyme Regis. For digital image editing & website assistance. www.lukelawson.com.
Raoul de Bunsen. www.2-minute-website.com. Our website host Help Desk.
Julia Archer. For taking over one day a week and giving us valuable free research time.


Mehmed Buykli, from Breznitsa
Velichkovski from Kriva Palanka, Macedonia
Ivana Mihajlovski. Ypsilanti. USA.
The National Library of Bulgaria.
The National Academy of Science of Bulgaria.
The New Bulgarian University.
The Department of Ethnography of Sofia University.
Sali Shoshi: http://chwb.org/kosovo/contact/

Dr. Antoaneta Petrova: bgarden@abv.bg. Royal Botanic Garden, Sofia.
Dr. Ana Petrova. ana_petrova@abv.bg. Royal Botanic Garden. Sofia.

Research Donors.

The Sanctuary. Lyme Regis. UK.
Jean Vaupres. Lighthouse Book. Charmouth. UK.
Prof. Randall Baker. Sofia. Bulgaria.

The earliest map we could find of the Balkans.
"Johann Honterus Septemcastrensis de Corona"
1498 - 1549


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